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Like I said in my intro page, although I respect and honor those before me, I do not claim to be tied to any tradition or knowledge other than the knowledge that THE DRUM HEALS.


The vibrational healing benefits of sound have been scientifically proven. Our cells react to the vibration and it creates a healing experience on a cellular level. When we do a drum build, you get the healing process of creating, connecting, and sound healing.

After the workshop, you have a powerful tool that your energy created to continue your healing journey with at home.  


All hides have been ethically sourced and honored with the greatest respect.

I offer private and group-building sessions. Private sessions start at $350 and are based on the size and type of drum hide you would like. Please check events for current group session offerings. 

Click Here to book a private drum build session or HERE to see what classes are being offered this month. 


What can I say about Cherie and Adiankas Custom Drums? I was bestowed the honor of leading women's Sweat lodges and needed a drum. And shortly after expressing my need to the universe, spirit placed Adiankas Custom Drums in my sights through social media. I reached out and from the first time I communicated with Cherie, I knew she was magical, ethical and exactly what I needed. I traveled six hours to attend one of her drum builds. I created a beautiful 18 inch Buffalo drum that day. Cherie's guidance, spirit, creativity, and unconditional love for each spirit in that room that day was amazing to witness. She ethically sources her materials. She respects and honors the medicine provided in the tools she helps create. I felt honored to be able to create with her and I honestly got the feeling a lot of her repeat customers felt the same way. I look forward to creating with her again in the future.


- Shawnte Lewis

Building a drum with Cherie is such an amazing experience. Not only is she patient and talented in teaching how to do it - she makes it a sacred experience. The way she invites the highest, most loving energy into the space. The way she respects the lives of the animals she works with. And the way she shares her feelings and knowledge so freely, honestly, and respectfully; made it one of my most treasured experiences. Not only did I walk away with a beautiful drum, but I also walked away with an uplifted spirit, more knowledge, and most importantly a new friend.


- Heather

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